Are your Ready To Finally Throw Away Those Cigarettes, And Take Back Control Of Your Life?

Finally, an all natural way to stop smoking for good without the patches, gums, or pills... with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

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*Currently, Dan's smoking cessation program is only available for clients who can attend in person in Dan's Northborough, MA office*

Stop Smoking In Just One Session With A Lifetime Service

Can you really stop smoking in just one session? The answer is YES! I am confident that I can help you, just like I have helped thousands of people from around the world quit smoking for good

This process includes a lifetime service guarantee, which means if you ever smoke or have a craving to smoke, just call or schedule online, and I will see you for a second session for free.

You may be wondering how I can afford to give away free sessions for life? I track the success of my clients heavily, and only about five to ten percent of my clients feel they need the support of a second session.

When you quit smoking for good, you’ll be putting between $3000.00 – $4200.00 back in your pocket each year for the rest of your life!

Using hypnosis to stop smoking has been proven to be the MOST EFFECTIVE method over the gums, pills and patches. 

Clinical trials have proven hypnosis to have a success rate nearly TRIPLE that of so-called “conventional” methods like patches, pills, or gums.

What’s the difference? Together, you and I are going to combine the most advanced hypnosis techniques with a new ground-breaking neurological process to address the problem once and for all in the mind.

As soon as you walk in the door, we will get to work immediately to identify that issue, reverse it, and clear it from your system in such a way that you will immediately be able to validate the changes.

Don't Take My Word For It! Here's What Past Clients Have To Say...

I am a nurse practitioner, and even though I knew how awful smoking was, I still did it! I went to Dan to stop smoking back in 2013. It just took one session and I walked out of his office after that session confident that I was a non-smoker. I haven’t picked one up sense, and now I refer all of my patients who smoke to Dan!

- Sharon Braley - Nurse Practitioner

What Happens During A Session?

As soon as you walk in the door, we hit the ground running. First, I explain the entire process to you so you feel like you are a full partner in this process. Then we start creating your identity as a non-smoker. 

In the first ten minutes of the session, using a powerful scientific mind based approach, I start working with your neurological system to find the problem, reverse it and clear it so you will be a non-smoker BEFORE we even do the hypnosis.

I also teach you powerful behavioral and self-hypnotic techniques (think of them as rapid reset mind hacks) that stop a craving and the emotions that lead to a craving. Each of these techniques only take about 30-60 seconds. 

From there, I combine behavior modification with a powerful integrated hypnotic approach so that we change the habit in the mind. 

The result? You walk out of the office finally free from smoking and in control over the cigarettes instead of them controlling you! 

Here's What To Do Next!

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