Discovery How You Can Change Your Life With Dan's Online Programs!

Each program is online and complete with audios and videos to help you retrain your subconscious mind. These programs are based on hypnotic and psychological principles so you can finally be your best self. Dan has created his programs based on his work that he has done successfully with thousands of clients so you too can get amazing results!

Dan's Books

The Hypnotic Connection: How To Influence And Persuade Anyone

"The Hypnotic Connection: Influence & Persuade Anyone" will help you create the life you want by learning how to influence others as well as your own subconscious mind!

The Rapid Induction Formula: How To Hypnotize Anyone Quickly

Learn how to hypnotize ANYONE quickly! Dan shares his hypnotic secrets of doing rapid hypnosis effectively! These are powerful inductions you can do anywhere, anytime!

Dan's Personal Development Programs

Increase confidence and self-esteem while you ignite a more high performance mental attitude!

Learn the techniques that Dan used when he was in school that helped him go from a failing student to a “straight A” student.

Discover how to hypnotize yourself and program your subconscious mind for success.

Learn powerful hypnosis strategies to overcome stress and anxiety and embrace your inner calm!

This program will help you improve your sleeping habits so you can fall asleep fast and sleep throughout the night.

Change your habits and finally live the healthy lifestyle you’ve been striving for. This is not a diet, but a way of life!

Level Up Your Hypnosis Game!

Training Programs For Hypnotists

Discover how to level up your hypnosis game!

Discover powerful modern stage hypnosis techniques. Dan teaches you how to do successful stage hypnosis!

The Free Consultation Formula

This is the exact formula Dan used to add 103k of client income to his practice in nine months. 

Learn the rapid induction strategies Dan teaches to his hypnosis students.

Dan teaches two live trainings per year. Find out about his next certifications.