It's Finally Time To Get Off The Struggle Bus & Embrace Your Inner Badass To Become Unstoppable!

Finally! A solution that does not require years of therapy or mind-altering medications… Dan conducts some of the most powerful transformative group & individual programs. He has an integrative approach that will create dramatic breakthroughs for entrepreneurs, sales pros and closers, and executives who are struggling with anxiety, stress, and overwhelm.

When you use my Subconscious Sync Method, you can have more wins, more good days than bad days, and more breakthroughs instead of break downs!

You deserve to discover ways that can help you break free from stress, overwhelm, and sabotage and
Live Life On Your Own Terms instead of letting anxiety, stress, and overwhelm burn you out. 

If you want to shortcut years of therapy, and gain control over your life without mind-altering medications, then this is for you!

Dan Candell

Known as “The Anxiety Relief Guy,” Dan specializes in teaching successful entrepreneurs, executive, leaders, and innovators how to release stress and anxiety quickly so that they can gain confidence on demand. The result? They have more breakthroughs than break downs! Dan is also a multi-award winning hypnotist, author, podcast host and speaker. 

Dan travels the world speaking, presenting and also performs his comedy hypnosis shows for groups of hundreds of people at a time. He also works with clients both individually and in groups online/offline. Clients and people who attend his programs are often AMAZED at how quickly Dan helps them break free from anxiety, obstacles, worry, doubt and fear to create a high performing life


In this TEDx presentation, Dan gave a very powerful strategy that can help you reprogram your thoughts and your subconscious mind. 

This one short video (remastered) brought Dan around the world to teach people powerful hypnotic and psychological techniques that allows people to TAKE CONTROL over their OWN LIVES. This one technique can also help people feel more calm, more relaxed and more in control. Click on the video to learn this powerful technique that has changed millions of lives!

Dan works with elite business professionals, sales pros, athletes, students, and anyone who feels limited by anxiety, worry, doubt, stress, nerves, or fear.

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The Process Of Change... It Can Be Easier Than You Think!

I’m not your ordinary hypnotist… Most of my clients have tried everything, from going to a therapist to yoga and to acupuncture.  Many have even been to other hypnotists before. Many of my clients ask, “Are you going to put me into a trance, and when I wake up, I’ll be all better?” That’s not really how it works… Hypnosis and the techniques I use are not magic, but the results can seem magical.

I use a an integrated hybrid approach which combines techniques from many disciplines. And yes… these  hypnotic approaches actually get results. There are many forms of hypnosis, and  most hypnotists use a more traditional approach. Even though most issues are multi-faceted and may require a series of sessions (usually 4-6), I use various out of the box techniques that can help you notice improvements and results within the very first session. 

Throughout this process, I teach you how and why this works. You will learn self-hypnotic techniques that help you to stop the anxious pattern in its tracks so you can start feeling better right away.  You won’t be feeling anxious or stuck after just a few hours of working with me.