Professionals & Athletes! Shatter Your Mental Blocks &
Ignite Your Confidence!

Ready For A Performance Boost?

Gain the competitive advantage by establishing an unstoppable high performance mentality in business, sales or sports!

Dan teaches you how to increase confidence, focus and motivation while clearing mental obstacles, mental blocks, stress, anxiety and distractions that are weighing you down. 

High Performance Training
develop the competitive edge

I mean this with love and compassion… I don’t work with people who haven’t achieved anything in their lives. I love working with athletes and business professionals because you will do what is required to get that competitive edge. I can give you that “secret sauce” that may have been missing. Here are some of the things we can work on when you join my program…

  • Overcome Performance Anxiety & Stress
  • Remove Fear Of Failure
  • Eliminate Imposter Syndrome – That Feeling Of “I’m Not Good Enough”
  • Shatter Self-Doubt
  • Blast Through Mental Blocks
  • Get You Out Of That Rut/Funk/Slump
  • Boost Confidence
  • Increase Focus
  • Ignite Your Motivation
  • Establish Mental Toughness
  • Harness Your High Performance ZONE
Let’s do this… I’ll help you get your “poop in a group!” That’s a clinical way of saying, “Get your shit together.” Step one, schedule a discovery session with me so we can get to work and hit the ground running.