If your teen or adolescent is struggling with anxiety, managing their emotions, or academic/athletic performance, keep reading and watch the video below!

Does your teen or adolescent worry too much, get too stressed out, or suffer from anxiety? Do they need a confidence boost, focus or more motivation and mental toughness? If so, we can help!

We teach teens and adolescents how to control their emotions and their anxiety. We use RAPID change techniques. 

They will be relieved when they discover that they can accomplish their goals, make their life easier, and finally be happier without years of therapy!

The Two Steps To Getting Help For Your Teen

Step 1

Step 2

Communicate with your teen. Chances are, they know some issues that they need to work through. Let them know you found someone who can help them, and make sure they know this is NOT therapy. This gets rapid results and it's about helping them be the best version of themselves. At times, they may feel a little unsure, so the best way to introduce them to the process is to show them some of my YouTube videos so they can get a feel for my personality. Please keep in mind that these videos are more "advice videos" and the way that I work with people is on a much deeper level.
Schedule an intro session. Some parents ask, "can we speak with you first without our teen present so we can tell you what the problem is?" With all due respect, I foster an open an honest approach. This needs to be a team effort, so during that initial video intro session, both the teen and the parent or guardian must be present. This is where I will gain more insight into what they would like to accomplish so I can determine which process will be right for them and which program will be right for them. It is also during this time that we talk about pricing, process and strategy.

Let These Videos Guide Their Decision

Below are some videos that your teens can watch to get a sense of my style and personality. It’s CRUCIAL that they feel comfortable with who they are working with.

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