Attention Hypnotists

Discover how to confidently help your clients overcome anxiety and mental blocks using my signature rapid relief strategies

I'll share the exact strategies I use that can help your clients go from anxious and stuck to calm and confident in just a few sessions.

Save The Dates


What is Rapid Relief & Why can it give you an unfair advantage with helping your clients?

You can use Rapid Relief strategies with individual clients AND groups. These are ways of working with clients that go above and beyond “typical” hypnotic strategies

Rapid Relief combines strategies from hypnosis, energy psychology, psycho-sensory therapy, thought field therapy, and psycho-somatic healing. 

Your clients will feel like you have a magic wand that can help them clear out those unwanted beliefs, anxiety, and mental garbage that they have been carrying around for so long.

Create Memorable Experiences For Your Clients

Your clients will thank you for how fast they are moving forward and how fast you are helping them succeed!

Watch the video to hear ACTUAL client feedback!

You Don't Have to Be An ordinary hypnotist anymore

You’re going to learn SO much more than just “techniques.”

You are going to learn what most instructors WON’T teach you. 

You are going to discover how to create a REVOLUTION that will attract the right clients to you.

You will be able to combine business and therapeutic strategies that will help you help even more clients.


Here's What You'll Get To Level Up Your Sessions & Your Practice

  • The Book of Secrets…” This is my own personal collection of magic out of the box deep inner healing techniques. You will use this like your user guide to helping your clients break free faster and become psychologically bulletproof.
  • The Problem Solution Roadmaps: After working with tens of thousands of people, both individually and in groups, I have seen and heard almost every problem. I have mapped out processes that you can do with each problem including people who are suffering from trauma, social anxiety, situational stress, and much more. 
  • Attracting Your Dream Clients: Do you want to work clients that will make you question your skills and make you want to pull out your hair? NO! You want to work with clients that you can feel like, “I should be paying YOU because I love working with you so much!” There are methods that will get you more of THOSE clients. 
  • The Frame: You’ll discover how to frame the process to create more successful sessions and better results with your clients
  • The Clearings: You will learn five clearing techniques that help your clients clear their minds and clear their emotional cores. After this class, you will confidently be able to lead clearing sessions.
  • Mental & Belief Clearing: Teach your clients how to shatter their obstacles, their limiting beliefs, and their mental garbage. 
  • The Followup Formula: There is a way to effectively followup with your clients that will turn them into cheerleaders of your hypnosis practice. This is worth the tuition to the course.
  • The Group Method: You’ll learn how Dan conducts his groups. He has done over 300 group sessions. He will teach you how to structure a group, demo, or presentation. 

You will leave overwhelmed… in the best possible way!